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Production in Matjani is a poetic transformation of raw material through rhythm of love

into a piece of art!

The customer-centric module of brand is a revolutionary step taken into the market. We aim to create a positive experience not only at the point of sale but also post-sale. That approach differentiates Matjani and creates a NEW CIRCLE of jewelry!

Platinum 950

Matjani produces unique platinum wedding bands by using pipes casted in our factory equipped with high technology.

Platinum 600

Matjani is the first producer presenting semi-hollow wedding bands by using Platinum 600 pipes casted in our own factory.

Special Collections

Matjani offers 3 special collections during the year besides the regular lines supported by the whole package for marketing (special displays, brochures, videos)

Semi-Hollow Wedding Bands

Matjani offers more affordable luxury through semi-hollow wedding bands- shapen by a special technique- to its customers.

Fast Service

Matjani keeps pipes ready to deliver your wedding bands in 1 day!

Full Support

Matjani provides all the services to support & increase your sales. You just need to contact to hear solutions for you!

“We believe on the bliss of togetherness: our hearts and minds, my flaming desire to design and Cenk’s deep rooted knowledge. It has given us the Matjani Wedding Rings - totally different, literally perfect!”

Gokce Akdere / Co-Founder & Creative Director

“It does not make any difference whether it is marriage or a business, what it comes to have depth in meaning is just commitment”

Cenk Akdere / Co-Founder & Managing Director


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B2B Matjani

Matjani is proud to present the special B2B system that is specially created for the company itself.

Are you ready to meet the new generation approach for sharing instantly the information you need!

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