Creating a Brand by the Road Never Traveled...


Our Journey

Matjani is a powerful organization transfigured by Generation Y kids of deep rooted Matjani family. Cenk Akdere is inheritor of jewelry knowledge and experience gathered by Matjani family’s first and second generations who are well known jewelers in Europe since 1960. Where Cenk brings that heritage beyond is the place surrounded by “LOVE”. When he takes a step into Gokce Akdere’s magical and creative world, not only a romance but also a postmodern rewriting of old Jewelry stories begin. It is a story about two souls, with a beginning and no end, and a story about the jewelry experience of the last half century and award-winning spirit of creativity. While Gokce was featured in a book published by Swarovski as being one of the top 30 designers in the world and was the first Turkish designer to ever be selected as a finalist in the annual diamond design competition that HRD has been hosting for over 30 years, Cenk was shaping entirely different vision of leadership in Jewelry market than its predecessors, and instead of classic ways to lead what he inherited, he prioritized his insights and his own visions.

This love is a unique partnership and represents creativity, leisurement and a new strategy. For that company superbly positioned for the future, the strategy has produced a result : M Generation Jewelry has come out!

Immune to traditional wedding ring sale and marketing strategies, this generation starts to and will introduce new product lines, ambitious merchandising and advertising ideas as bonus. M Generation is ready to be raised in revamps and rollouts – this is a sustainable growth of making progress and exceeding expectations. At the same time, Matjani has developed an infrastructure, where R&D (Research and Development) works, patented product and the process of international sales are carried out, within our software and technical team.

The mottos “Real business is permanently self-enlarging experience” and Everything is possible and nothing is impossible” are parenting this new generation. With a multinational point of view, this couple opens their minds to the creative side of love, faithful side of family and inspirational side of future.

Our Vision

The vision is focused on each level by zooming in the analysis of the market and customer needs, which enables Matjani team to create the “right” product portfolio. Furthermore, that the brand is guided by family spirit constitutes Matjani for customers in a location of being the best partner! That spirit follows a road going through platform, where deep insight and analysis of consumer, fashion and design trends and consulting business are provided to inspire us to plan and trade the product range with confidence and creativity. Moreover, manufacturing according to lean system, participating international events and fairs, arranging the “right” price range for each country market and giving punctual service pave that way towards a literally different world of jewelry. That is the road never traveled freeing us from the stereotypes and conformity of others and creating a chance for us to leave a new trail that will become a phenomenon in future. All in all, we took the road never traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Our Mission

Matjani is born out of an aspiration to the highest standards in design, materials, manufacturing quality and after service. Every single pair of rings is crafted by the combination of high tech and craftsmanship at Matjani manufacture, to meet B2B customers who brings that genuine masterpieces and the end users together. The line from craftsmen to today’s innovative technologies creates a new circle of jewelry that forges the precious materials for perfection that is beyond traditional understanding of B2B jewelry market. What differentiates Matjani is that the innovative and revolutionary steps create a new generation jewelry – M generation jewelry- where all casting including co-founders, executive manager,  jewelry designers, smiths commit themselves to be there for the customers before they need anything, and when they need anything.

Business Strategy

With a vision focusing on the customer’s needs, Matjani adopts the following as its main strategic objectives for the short to medium term to be the right partner of B2B customers not only of Turkey or Europe but also of all around the world from China to America:

  • Focusing on wholesales channels
  • Capitalising our production mentality
  • Entering into new geographical markets as well as building on our presence in existing markets
  • Tailoring M Generation jewelry approach to the jewelry market
  • Creating a global wedding ring brand across all channels and markets
  • Increasing brand awareness and maximise customer reach

“We believe on the bliss of togetherness: our hearts and minds, my flaming desire to design and Cenk’s deep rooted knowledge. It has given us the Matjani Wedding Rings - totally different, literally perfect!”

Gokce Akdere / Co-Founder & Creative Director

“It does not make any difference whether it is marriage or a business, what it comes to have depth in meaning is just commitment”

Cenk Akdere / Co-Founder & Managing Director