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Jewelry wholesale market has an urge to change significantly relating to the retail market; the demands of end users. The couples are now more knowledgeable, discerning and demanding than before. This, eventually, affects the brands like a chain reaction. Matjani, with its innovative ideas and implementations, gives an ear to that urge in a different way than the other manufacturers. While technology has been playing its optimum role in the manufacturing competitiveness, Matjani puts its manufacturer identity upon a totally different location where the philosophy of  how to use that technology differentiates the brand. Matjani Portfolio is created working closely with the engineers and artisans focused on each process from research and development to the finished product through the expertise and latest technologies by applying “Lean Manufacturing System” to all steps accordingly.  The postmodern spirit of brand is always in the air! This is not a cut and paste of a system, this is a cut and create it in “matjanious”* way movement to be a right partner of B2B customers with a pursuit of perfection.  

The concept of Lean Manufacturing is used as a production system in Matjani that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than value creation for the customer. This expenditure is considered as wasteful and thus, becomes a target for elimination. The strategic objective is to enhance optimum value, cut down non value added activities between processes for increasing the productivity and quality by reducing the delivery time. In other words, this is not a mass-production process, this is an art of commitment focusing on what the brand stands for, without waste of information, underutilized technology and energy. That there is vertical integration of the Lean manufacturing operations and the creativity gives more rooms to Matjani customers in breaking their bonds to what they get accustomed to till today.

Matjani capitalises some features within its production department; steadfast devotion to R&D (Research and Development),  manufacturing operations focusing on  the application of highest technology to produce the high quality. We have adopted a mission in R&D is to transfer market trends and ideas quickly out of science and into innovation. We make use of the new technologies in order to develop additional market challenges. What supports us to manage our innovation projects in a focused and efficient manner is our professional team.

Having a wide range of wedding ring models produced by using 8K, 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 21K and 22K gold (with white, yellow and rose options) and platinum (with pt 900 and pt 600 options), Matjani casts pipes in different carats to produce unique wedding bands to our customers. Moreover, we presents proudly that we have one of the rarest product line which enables us to produce semi-hollow wedding rings from gold and even from platinum. Our experienced mining engineers have succeeded  to formalize what allows us to cast pt 600 semi-hollow models without mixing palladium as an alloy while it is impossible for others in jewelry market.

*It is a made-up word which indicates the revolutionary spirit of Matjani Brand and vitalizes what the following words mean en masse : futuristic,lovely,keen on family values,open minded, trend creator, visionary, design lover.